Do you love a house smelling amazingly awesome? Well here at NAROKU we have a range of products to help freshen up not only your house but your clothes as well!

Room Spray and Shake ‘n’ Vac – both of these products are great alternative’s for those who either don’t like or can’t have candles or wax melts, with our Room Spray you simply spray around the room to boost the fragrance or with our Shake ‘n’ Vac you simply sprinkle over the carpet, leave for a short period then vacuum up.

Great for eliminating odors in the room from such things as smoking, pets and cooking.


Our Laundry Crystals will help to freshen up the smell of your clothing, simply add a scoop directly into your washing machine (this product is not washing detergent). your clothes will come out smelling amazing!


With our Furniture Polish you simply wipe over your wooden furniture to revive the look and help to remove finger prints and stains.


Our pillow Spray will not only boost the smell in the bedroom, but will help calm your body down ready to enjoy a peaceful nights sleep.


Your senses will erupt with our range of scents like Monet’s Garden, Wild Honeysuckle, Bitter Orange & Star Flower, Lavender, Bubblegum and more!


STAY TUNED FOR MORE – we are working really hard behind the scenes creating several more products included additional cleaning products which we hope to bring out very soon, some of these include: laundry detergent, spray and wipe and carpet shampoo.